Why Sorbothane?


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Recommended by medical professionals, Sorbothane technology transforms your feet into shock-absorbing, energy returning machines.

Shockwaves are created every time your feet strike the ground, causing damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Scientifically proven, Sorbothane insoles absorb harmful shockwaves associated with each foot strike.

Sorbothane’s unique viscoelastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh and at the moment of impact, absorbs 94.7% of vibrations by changing shape to disperse shockwaves sideways.

The science
inside Sorbothane

Shockwaves are created every time your foot hits the ground. Just walking can create harmful shockwaves that reverberate around the body at up to 70mph, causing serious damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Sorbothane is proven to absorb an outstanding percentage of these shockwaves, repeatedly without performance degradation. On impact, the Sorbothane polymer deforms to disperse the shockwaves laterally, immediately returning to its initial form to be fully operational in time for the next impact.

Our History

Sorbothane has some fascinating history and you’ll be amazed how the technology behind Sorbothane has been used in the past and continues to be used today.

1982, Dr Maurice Hiles Invents Sorbothane

British Inventor, Dr Maurice Hiles explains the science behind Sorbothane

1985, Sorbothane receives global recognition

Sorbothane appears on prime time US TV show ‘That’s Incredible”

2005, Sorbothane used by NASA

Sorbothane is used by leading scientists at NASA to protect space shuttle cameras during take-off

2006, England Cricketer turns to Sorbothane

Matthew Hoggard turned to Sorbothane to help prevent injury from impact shock when bowling

2007 - Sorbothane Sponsored Arctic Virgins

Team Arctic Virgins come an incredible 2nd place in the polar challenge

2009 - Sorbothane Launch Sorbo Pro Insole

The new insole provides Sorbothane protection in all the right areas, for optimum foot stability

Sorbothane helps prevent injury and improves performance

Sorbothane has a proven reputation for helping prevent injury and with the level of stress that my patients and especially elite athletes place on their feet during competition it helps give them that little bit extra

Melanie Betts
Team England Physio - Commonwealth Games 2014 & 2006

It's a miracle I've been able to remain injury free, but it's down to Sorbothane insoles

Considering the strain my body goes through some people think it’s a miracle I remain injury free, I don’t put it down to luck. I’ve never scrimped on training in anything less than top end trainers combined with Sorbothane insoles.

Gary Rolfe
Arctic Explorer

Sorbothane has reduced the stress & strain I place on my body during a match

I have used Sorbothane insoles throughout my career and they have made a real difference to my overall fitness and energy levels.

Jamie Bonsels
England Badminton Player
Jamie Bonsels

Sorbothane helps prevent injury and improves performance

Jamie Bonsels
Team England Physio - Commonwealth Games 2014 & 2006

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